About Us

Who We Are

IT CareerNet, Inc. is totally unique in the Staffing Industry, and is thus able to provide incredibly focused and targeted service that is unparalleled. Since its principals have worked for large international staffing/consulting organizations as well as smaller boutique operations, it combines the advantages of approach, thoroughness and professionalism of the larger organizations with the swiftness of service and ability to really focus on and “surround” the specific client needs.

Mission Statement

It is our belief that candidates want to talk to, and be represented by, placement professionals that can relate to them both personally and technically. Since IT is our only business, all of our recruiters and account managers have IT backgrounds. The result is a technical precise fit that also maximizes an individual’s career potential.

Why Choose IT Career Net?

Our team of professionals will not rest until our client’s new prospective employee is identified, pre-qualified and presented for hire. Our staff has over 35+ years of experience working and networking with IT Professionals and Employers. Our goal is to utilize your time most efficiently and identify, vet and present the best technical precise fit. Our years of experience allow us to assist in pre-determining the cultural fit as well and also to conduct a career planning phase with each and every candidate, thus identifying the right career move and not just another job.